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In pursuit of tailored jacket carrying on the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.

k i s u k é is a Japanese brand of tailored jackets with obsession over the highest quality materials and the pursuit of silhouette and comfort.

The brand, launched with the aim of passing on the world-class high technical skills of 'Made in Japan' to the future, takes its name from Kisuke Ito, the founder and grandfather of the current president of Ito Medias Corporation who was born in the Meiji era and lived strongly despite the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Tokyo Air Raid.


k i s u k é's collection showcases suits, trousers, blousons, undershirts and hoodies as well as our signature tailored jackets.

Our items are made with carefully selected recycled and sustainable materials. Made with soft knit/jersey materials, yet sharp and cool, our items fit anyone with different body types with comfort. Our innovative jackets encourage you to be active and move.

Japanese top-tier tailoring techniques meet sustainable and natural material.

Japanese tailoring techniques are known to be among the highest quality in the world.

Using technical skills and know-how that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries, we thrive to create smart and elegant tailored jackets whilst sticking to knitwear and jersey materials, which are sustainable. 

Based on a recycled polyester material, we seek to work with sustainable and naturally derived materials such as wool, hemp and Japanese paper (washi) to reduce its environmental footprint.


A silhouette that is not only comfortable and easy to move around in, but also shows off technical expertise.

Majority of the jersey jackets on the market tend to have a crumpled collar and chest area, giving out more of a casual impression.

We wanted to challenge this trend and started the brand; even though we use thin and light jersey, we want to make tailored jackets with a sharp, cool chest and a luxurious, well-tailored look.

Japanese outstanding tailoring techniques creates the soft, stretchy jersey fabric to maintain its comfort and ease of movement, whilst the collar and chest area have a firm, three-dimensional, beautiful silhouette. The "k i s u k é" brand jackets are neat, elegant and comfortable to wear, and are an excellent choice for a variety of everyday situations.


Ito medias corpration

Established 90 years ago, we manufacture men's and women's knitwears. 

We are knitting manufacturer and mainly produce OEM cut-and-sew products for trading company brands (e.g. mila schon and Lucien Perafine), and also provides ODM to retailers such as department stores.


Address #201 2-3-10 Isiwara,Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0011 JAPAN
Business content Manufacture of men's clothing, women's clothing and knitwear
TEL +81-3-3623-1158
FAX +81-3-3623-1150
President Toshiaki Ito
Number of employees 8 persons (as of 2020)
Established Founded in 1932