Detail term explanation

・Step back 3B

The design around the front button of the jacket. (model)
A style in which only the middle one of the three buttons is hung.
The turning point of the lapel is set approximately halfway between the 1st and 2nd buttons, and the 1st button is hidden behind the lapel on the lower side of the front overlap.


A V-shaped "notch" that can be made at the connection between the lapel (lower collar) and the upper collar. This type is generally common.

Chest box pocket

The rectangular pocket pocket square set on the left chest of the jacket is stored in this pocket.

Chest box pocket // Barca (ship type) pocket

A rectangular pocket on the left chest of the jacket. The bottom of this pocket draws a soft curve like the bottom of a ship. One of the Italian craftsmanship that makes the chest look beautiful when worn.

Waist patch pocket//Upper edge curve

The top line of the patch pocket draws a soft curve. One of Italian craftsmanship that suppresses the pocket opening from floating due to the three-dimensional effect of the waist when worn.

・Cuffs// Main face opening

The cuff buttons are not fake, and the buttons can be opened and closed.

・Center crease

Refers to the crease in the front and back center of trousers (slacks). These creases create a beautiful standing figure.


A silhouette that tapers from the waist to the hem