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Easy line jacket without needle stripes

Easy line jacket without needle stripes

This is an SS item, so it will be a lineup that is not currently handled.

color black/ navy

Kisuk é tailoring has learned from the Italian aesthetic sense and craftsmanship, which is called “classico”, which continues to create highly complete clothing.
Ito Knitwear Industry has made use of the know-how of knitwear/jersey, which is a local industry with excellent elasticity and breathability, which we have been involved in for many years, and created it with the cooperation of one of the best factories in Japan.
We also consider the global environment by assembling mainly materials and raw materials with an eco-background.

While maintaining the authentic standing position as sociality and style, we added a new function of "comfort" . We will send [NEW STANDARD JACKET] made in Japan from Sumida / Tokyo.

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Needle-free striped material that is also used for JKT. Arranged with the taste of "kisuke", the military wear "MA-1" that has blended into the wardrobe over time . The combination of knit and recycled nylon fabric (manufactured by LIMONTA) and the dot buttons on the front give it a sharp look. The utility patch PK on the left upper arm was left as a story.

Fabric: Needle-free stripes

Knitted material using recycled E ECOPET yarn and hemp/E yarn.
An original combination material with slub/TOP hemp threads for a rough surface and solid color threads for the back and needle-free stripes .

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easy line

In the flow of the times, changes are born in lifestyles and business styles.

With the decline of no-tie and leather sole shoes, and recently new work styles such as remote work have become established, a relaxed style between official and casual has also emerged.

It features a jacket body with a box silhouette and a tapered silhouette that narrows down to the hem from the relaxed feeling around the waist due to the tucks on the sides.

By coordinating innerwear and shoes from Dress-down to Casual-up, it can also be used for various occasions.


Knitted material using recycled E ECOPET yarn and hemp/E yarn.

Slub/TOP-like hemp thread creates a rough surface with solid-color thread on the back and needle-free stripes, an original combination material.


Uses cupra (Bemberg) lining.
Cupra is made by regenerating the short fibers that grow in the seeds that are discarded after removing the fibers that will become cotton yarn from the cotton plant, using a special manufacturing method.

Because it is a natural fiber, it also has the property of returning to the soil.


Uses buttons that use 30% of raw materials derived from plants (plants, etc.).
30% also has the property of returning to the soil, which is friendly to the global environment.


As an identity, the traditional Japanese decoration "Mizuhiki" is adopted.
Among them, "Ume knot", which has the meaning of good luck from ancient Japan, is adopted.
We make each one by hand in-house.

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