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[Reference product] Premium line Lynx Smooth AW

[Reference product] Premium line Lynx Smooth AW

This jacket is sold separately.

Prices are tentative.

color navy / red

Kisuk é tailoring has learned from the Italian aesthetic sense and craftsmanship, which is called “classico”, which continues to create highly complete clothing.
Ito Knitwear Industry has made use of the know-how of knitwear/jersey, which is a local industry with excellent elasticity and breathability, which we have been involved in for many years, and created it with the cooperation of one of the best factories in Japan.
We also consider the global environment by assembling mainly materials and raw materials with an eco-background.

While maintaining the authentic standing position as sociality and style, we added a new function of "comfort" . We will send [NEW STANDARD JACKET] made in Japan from Sumida / Tokyo.

Item details

Jacket: Features a dress-like silhouette with a three-dimensional shape

Step Back 3B Notch Chest Box --// Barca Pocket Waist Patch PK
Side vent cuffs / main face opening lining / use of cupra There are darts on the body Functional and minimal lining is placed.



size 46 size 48 size 50
Length 71.5 73.0 75.0
Shawl 42.0 43.0 44.2
around the chest 103.0 106.0 110.0
girth 93.0 96.0 100.0
around the hem 101.0 104.0 108.0
Sleeve Length 60.5 61.5 63.0

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premium line

It has a universal style that corresponds to the dress code required in the gentlemen's society, which is required in any era.

While taking advantage of the jersey (knit) material, it also creates an authentic and sharp face.

From dress-up to dress-down, it can be used for various occasions by coordinating the innerwear and shoes.


It uses a rare "Super Extra Fine Wool" yarn that is thinner than regular wool, and is characterized by its smooth texture, luster, and lightness.
Luxurious material aiming for a solid winter warm feeling of melton style with an eye weight and a hand feeling.


Uses buttons that use 30% of raw materials derived from plants (plants, etc.).
30% also has the property of returning to the soil, which is friendly to the global environment.

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