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Long-sleeved T-shirt - premium jersey

Long-sleeved T-shirt - premium jersey

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Uses a luxurious material with a unique slimy feel that uses yarn blended with rare high-quality cotton "super long cotton" with long fiber length .

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Inner: As Midler's identity, functional and distinctive cutting and specifications are adopted around the shoulders.

It features a large logo embroidery in the same color as the body fabric on the left cuff.

Also available in black.

Fabric: Premium cotton sheeting

A cotton sheeting material that is made by blending extra-long staple cotton with long fiber lengths and spun into it using fine count threads. It has little stretch and fluff, and is characterized by a sense of stability that does not easily lose its shape .

size chart

size 46 size 48 size 50
Length 66.0 68.0 70.0
Shawl 44.0 46.0 48.0
around the chest 105.0 108.0 112.0
around the hem 101.0 104.0 110.0
Sleeve Length 60.0 61.0 62.0

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Adopts "Balance Circular", an original material made with a knitting machine that was originally arranged and developed by Maruwa Knit Co., Ltd., a Japanese jersey manufacturer.
Of course there is elasticity, but the horizontal stretch is smaller than usual,
Even jersey material has high shape retention and stability.

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