Craftsman's Challenge

A collection of Japan's proud craftsmanship

Japanese tailoring technology boasts top-class quality in the world. What is quality? I think it refers to something that satisfies the person who picks it up, something that feels valuable, and even something that moves them.

Kisuke is an original Japanese brand that brings together the knowledge and skills of Japanese craftsmen, from threads and fabrics to the details of sewing, aiming to create that impression. Easy, easy to move in, and comfortable to wear. Yet, kisuke's jackets have beautiful shapes and silhouettes that give them a sense of luxury, and they are pieces filled with soul that will take on challenges from Japan to the world. By wearing the sleeves, you will be able to feel the spirit of Japanese craftsmen.

All manufacturing processes are made in Japan

kisuke not only does the sewing, but also makes the thread and fabric at a factory in Sumida Ward.

Sumida Ward has traditionally been home to many stockinette factories and companies, and it is not uncommon for companies to be found around 100 years ago. The essence of Sumida Ward's technological prowess is concentrated at kisuke.

Kisuke's signature "TATAMI jacquard coat" is commissioned to a sewing factory in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which has Japan's highest level of tailoring technology.