Natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, etc.

Kisuke's products, such as the latest natural materials using ancient Japanese paper, actively use environmentally friendly materials that return to nature and recycled ECOPET materials.

In addition, we use ``BOTANICAL DYE'', an advanced plant dye derived from nature, for the dyes that beautifully color these materials, in an effort to respect the environment in accordance with the needs of the times.

kisuke is a brand that supports and actively works towards the goal of creating a sustainable society.

At kisuke, we use 30% plant-based materials (plants, etc.) in the production of our buttons. Through this initiative, 30% of the buttons have the characteristic of being returned to nature, making them products that are environmentally friendly.

Colors extracted from nature

The jacket was dyed with pigment extracted from the cherry blossom trees that dye the banks of the Sumida River pale pink every year.

"BOTANICAL DYE" is an advanced vegetable dye that is less irritating to the skin and environmentally friendly, along with the unique and gentle colors inherent in vegetable dyeing.

The Sumida cherry blossom trees, a symbol of Sumida, are brightly colored on kisuke's outerwear and other clothing.