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Hoodie-Super long cotton sheeting

Hoodie-Super long cotton sheeting

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Using rare high-quality cotton "super long cotton" yarn with long fiber length, it is a unique material that expresses a firm feeling while maintaining its supple texture .

Item details
Inner: As Midler's identity, functional and distinctive cutting specifications are adopted around the shoulders.

Features a large logo embroidery in the same color as the body fabric on the left cuff

material: Super long cotton sheeting

A material that uses a rare high-quality cotton "super long cotton" thread with a long fiber length. Beautiful surface unique to super long cotton feeling and While leaving a tactile sensation and others, Dare to close your eyes death express a feeling of solidity, Express your uniqueness.
The hood is made of E/C ox weave with the same color as the body fabric. Uses woven fabric to add value.

size chart

size 46 size 48 size 50
Length 70.0 72.0
Shawl 46.5 48.0 49.5
around the chest 111.0 115.0 119.0
around the hem 106.0/96.0 110.0/100.0 114.0/104.0
Sleeve Length 59.5 61.0 62.5
Hood length 36.0 37.0 37.0

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