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Super120' Special Circular Pants

Super120' Special Circular Pants

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We use a flannel type material made with a special and rare knitting machine called Balance Circular. This knitting machine has less vertical and horizontal elasticity than regular jersey material, making it more stable and less likely to lose its shape, and this material has these characteristics while also offering flexibility and a high-quality feel. It features an easy silhouette with a clean front and added volume from the waist to the hips. You can wear it with the laces out for a casual look, or tuck it inside for a formal look.

We also recommend matching with a jacket made of the same material. ( Super120' Special Circular Jacket )

Product number: KSK-CE/7001


Wool: 93% Nylon: 7%


size 46: W circumference 84.0 / 76.0 / H circumference 102.0 / Hem opening width 15.0 / Inseam 91.0

size 48: W circumference 90.0 / 82.0 / H circumference 108.0 / Hem opening width 16.0 / Inseam 91.0

size 50: W circumference 97.0 / 89.0 / H circumference 115.0 / Hem opening width 17.0 / Inseam 91.0

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